Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tonight Myanmar Relief Fundraiser to Help Children and Dogs – Friars Club New York City! [ TechSc1ence ]

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a sovereign state, and one of the poorest nations, in Southeast Asia. It is also home to one of the most repressive military regimes in the world, and according to the Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks countries based on corrupt governments and public power, Burma is the 180th most corrupt country in the world, out of 183. Myanmar is currently experiencing an unfortunate increase in of orphaned children, stray dogs, and endangered wildlife.

Myanmar is in fact home to a bustling wildlife and over 800 species of birds. Due to the country's slow economic growth, 49% of the land remains covered in dense, untouched forest, and houses tigers, leopards, and an abundance of reptile species. However, since 1995 a new forestry law has severely reduced forest and wildlife, especially in central Myanmar, where vegetation and agriculture are now sparse. As the logging industry continues to destroy what are supposed to be protected areas, more and more animals will lose their homes. Current endangered species in Myanmar include Rhinoceros, Asian elephants, Blue whales, Red Pandas, and Tigers. The Burmese Mountain Dog, often mistaken for the Bernese Mountain Dog, is a rare canine breed indigenous to Myanmar and are traditionally used for skunk hunting; however, with a growing population of dogs in Myanmar, many do not get the proper care, food, or medical attention needed for a healthy, sustained life.

There is no doubt that the people and animals of Myanmar need our help. Thankfully, for the first time ,the Burma Relief plans to gather donations that will go toward helping Burmese children and their four-legged companions. On November 6th, Burma Relief will host a private New York City fundraiser at the legendary Friars Club that will raise money to help construct a 3,000 square foot dormitory and education center at the New Migrant Compound, which houses a number of orphaned Burmese children and dogs. The dormitory will ensure that these children no longer have to sleep on the floor, and will hopefully attract English-speaking teachers. Burma Relief will also use a portion of the proceeds to spay and neuter dogs that live on site, in order to help prevent overpopulation, aggression problems, and health risks.

Please join  by attending this event or donating, and help the Burmese children and dogs achieve the quality of life we all deserve.

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