Thursday, 7 November 2013

David Beckham Rides Motorcycle, Shows Rugged, Sexy Side in [ TechSc1ence ]


Jennifer Chan

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7. November 2013 – 17:30

Ladies, start your engines…this is one sexy commercial starring David Beckham you won’t want to miss!

Since retiring from the game that made him famous, the British soccer star has been keeping busy with a number of swanky sponsorships and endorsements, and we have to admit, we’re not complaining one bit.

His latest project? A stylish menswear fashion campaign for Belstaff, and we’ve got first dibs of the cool clip in all of its glory.

In the black and white commercial, Beckham rocks edgy pieces from the luxury brand and looks dangerously rugged yet totally refined, too.

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How does he do it?

The underwear model straddles an old motorcycle and rides it effortlessly into a field, all while wearing a slick moto jacket and tailored pants with an exposed ankle zipper.

Not surprisingly, he looks like a natural in this ensemble. 

“About five or six years ago I was looking for a cool biker jacket. I went into this vintage store and came across this vintage Belstaff jacket. I have worn it ever since,” the star said in a release.

In one scene, he slyly flashes his wedding band, a subtle reminder that he’s not only incredibly studly and handsome, but he’s also a loyal husband and doting father.

Um, swoon.

There’s no dialogue in this campaign, but with a spokes model this hot, we’re left totally speechless, too. 

To see more of David Beckham’s Belstaff campaign, tune into E! News at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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