Sunday, 28 July 2013

JoomShareBar Pro (Social Networking) - TechSc1ence


  • First & ONLY Responsive Social Sharing Plugin for Joomla!
  • Display as (Floating) Vertical Skyscraper or Horizontal Bar or both!
  • Lazy Loading Buttons (load buttons after page is completely loaded, so maximum performance)
  • 3 Lazy Loading options, e.g. load buttons after mouse hovers over them (see DEMO)
  • Slide Along when User Scrolls (Follow = Always Visible), optional ANIMATED slider!
  • K2 Support
  • Display social sharing buttons (Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1, Google + Share, LinkedIn, Buffer, Pinterest) to your Joomla! articles and category blogs
  • Individual display options for Article and Category View: you choose which buttons are displayed in Article View and which buttons are displayed in Category View
  • Individual styling for Article and Category View: make the appearance match your website's design
  • Multiple Design Presets for the Container
  • Multiple Pre-Loaded Button Design Presets
  • Vertical or Horizontal Annotations (number of shares)
  • Option to Exclude Articles
  • Option to Exclude Categories
  • Possible to Exclude Button(s) in Category View
  • Order Button Appearance
  • 1 year FREE updates
  • 1 year FREE support
  • No Support Author Link

The goal of JoomShareBar is to be THE Ultimate Social Sharing Plugin for Joomla! Do you miss features, designs or buttons.